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None to report
Planned Changes
Easter Bus Services: temporary changes to timetables over Easter.
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Route 66/B: Major overhaul & improvement to from 13th April.
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Route 11: new timetable from 30th March.
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Route 17/A: new timetable from 30th March.
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Route 18: new timetable from 30th March.
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Route 100: new timetable from 28th March.
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Bus Tickets

Your guide to bus tickets in Torbay

Purchase tickets online at

Torbay Zone tickets are valid across the whole route of the following buses:

On these buses, they're only valid on part of the route:

The Stagecoach TermRider is valid on all same buses as the Torbay tickets above at any time for 1 school term. Available to anyone under the age of 18 in Torbay.

There are other tickets that are issued by Torbay Council for full-time students at schools, colleges, and South Devon College. For information about these, apply directly to the school/college or Torbay Council. These are only available to students who are studying. The TermRider can still be purchased by those who are not in education as long as they are under 18.

Purchase the TermRider online at

Explorer Day Tickets - buy on the bus from the driver

Megarider Season Tickets

Up to 3 children per fare-paying adult (except those with a TermRider) can travel for £1 each after 09:30 on weekdays or at any time on the weekend and Bank Holidays.

The £1 ticket is valid for 1 day's travel on the same buses as the adult's ticket. The children must travel with the adult to use the Add-On.

Buy from the driver on the first bus you board